Seabed Authority Issues Draft Framework for the Regulation of Exploitation Activities


JAMAICA, Kingston (13 March 2015) - - The International Seabed Authority today issued a Report by the Legal and Technical Commission to Members of the Authority and all stakeholders in response to the Council’s request at its 20th Session to make available a draft framework for the regulation of exploitation, following the Commission’s February 2015 meeting (see ISBA/20/C/31, paragraph 3).

The Report benefits from feedback by stakeholders to the Stakeholder Survey issued by the Authority in March 2014 and discussions by the Members of the Commission during their February meeting.

The draft framework contained in the Report is accompanied by a discussion of high level and strategic issues the Commission considers of significance in advancing the development of the Authority’s rules, regulations and procedures for exploitation. Additionally, the Report contains a draft action plan to further such development.

Members of the Authority and all stakeholders are invited to comment on the suggested framework, high level issues and draft action plan presented. This will enable the Commission to provide the Council with an updated status report and action plan at its 21st Session and to seek Council’s endorsement of recommended next steps.